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Gas appliances should be serviced annually to ensure safe operation, mainitain efficiency and can also prolong the life of the appliance, any defects found can be rectified before they could cause any problems. As fully trained and qualified engineers we will carry out a full service professionally.

Boiler Service

We offer a hassle free service - we go out of our way to minimise disruption to your home - we cover carpets, protect work surfaces and clear up when we're done. You can relax and have peace of mind - you're in expert hands. We have the latest industry qualifications and are trained to the highest standards. We'll provide you with all the necessary service records and documentation - essential if you ever want to sell your home.


Boiler Installation / Replacement

Once you have called us, our priority is to repair your boiler / fire as soon as possible . We aim to make a same day callout wherever possible. We are experts at fault finding on all types of gas appliance.

Boiler Breakdown Repair

Using all our knowledge and experience, we will tailor your central heating system to ensure that you will have the most efficient system, to suit your needs, at the right cost. The system should use no more fuel than necessary and always have the house at the temperature you desire. It should also provide all the hot water you need, when you need it. A carefully designed and installed system will give you many years of trouble free running and will not waste heat, therefore keeping fuel costs low.

Full Heating System Installation

Imagine your dream bathroom, we will take care of the rest. Whatever your lifestyle or taste, we can create a bathroom that's right for you. We offer a free bathroom design and quotation service and have experience of a wide range of bathroom installations for large or small bathrooms, shower rooms, cloakrooms, en-suites and wet rooms.

Bathroom Design & Installation

Under floor heating is an excellent alternative to the traditional radiators system, some of the benefits are: Lower flow temperature, Lower running costs & thus more environmentally friendly, More comfortable heat (warm feet, cool head!), More hygienic: the radiant heat from under floor heating produces less air movement and therefore dust circulation than convection heat from radiators, Frees up wall space, Utilizes thermal mass of building to control temperature. We offer a full design and installation service tailored to your requirements.

Under Floor Heating

We supply and install thermal solar panels, normally consisting of evacuated tubes, linked to new a solar-specific hot water cylinder. Sometimes and existing cylinder can be re-used by adding an external heat exchanger. Our systems are sized to provide very hot water, so we normally recommend a blending valve to make sure people don't get scalded. It's often necessary to include a heat-leak mechanism as well. We have an installation method which ensures the roof's integrity, by using slated-in or roofed-in panel brackets and ducting, rather than drilling through the roof. If you have a combi boiler, a solar system can still be made to work. It takes a bit more plumbing and slightly more complicated controls.

Solar Hot Water


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